download“A heartfelt and deeply hopeful paean to the emotional mystery of human existence…an essential vein of undiluted intuitive spontaneity runs through all his work. His songs feel like folk music, with a plethora of jazz and neo-impressionist allusions…the infinite shades of Kinzie’s nuanced playing imbue compositional sagas which gently implore us to question what is truly important in our lives.”




“He makes me feel like a color-by-numbers artist.”
-Marty Marquis (Blitzentrapper)


Mad at the Moon (LIVE)

Official Music Video Release
Featuring Modern Dance & the Beauty of Eastern Oregon

Seth & Andy on Tour!

2/24/2017 LA GRANDE – Art Center East – with Andy Steele on Drums

2/25/2017 ENTERPRISE – Oddfellow’s Hall – with Andy Steele on Drums

5/21/2016 BAY AREA – Berkeley Arts Festival – 2133 University Ave with Eric Glick-Rieman – 8 PM

5/29/2016 PORTLAND – Michelle’s Pianos – 600 SE Stark with Grant Richards – 7 PM


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