Rotary Peace Fellowship

Seth is a 2021-2022 African Peace Fellow at Makerere University, sponsored by Rotary International.

For his fellowship, he is beginning the creation of an African Peacemaking Database, in partnership with United Religions Initiative and the African Union.

In the Spring and Fall, he will be traveling to Ethiopia, Somalia, Malawi, and Botswana to research and explore both modern and traditional daily peace practices, as a local complement to existing international indexes.


Africa Trip III

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Examining Existing Peacemaking Practices
Making Them Our Own


The wisdom of Africa is in the process of dying out with the elders who were familiar with traditions. Future generations have to be given the opportunity to learn about these traditions…

In Africa there are indigenous traditions for peacebuilding which can teach us a lot about healing and reconciliation, and can create the basis for re-establishing social solidarity. While indigenous approaches and institutions provide us with many lessons we can incorporate into ongoing peacebuilding processes, it is important for us to also recognize that some traditions have not always promoted gender equality. Therefore, what is required is to find a way to combine the best lessons that tradition has to offer with progressive modern norms and standards for the protection of human rights.

Tim Murithi | Director, Institute for Justice & Reconciliation | South Africa
The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) | May 2006

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